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What Are Modular Walls And Why Are They So Popular in Perth?

Modular wall systems have grown in popularity in recent years. This is especially true here in Perth where the demand for these walls has absolutely exploded. Below, we will be going over some of the reasons these walls have become so popular among those that are looking for partitions for their businesses.

Reasons For The Surge In Popularity:

1. Cost Effectiveness.

One of the biggest reasons they have grown in popularity so fast is because they are extremely cost effective compared to the other available options. You are going to be able to invest in modular office partitions and it can save you a lot of money in construction costs that you would normally have to spend. You are going to be able to save a lot of money on the total cost of construction because these partitions are easy to just pop up.

2. Installation.

As noted above, the installation process for these units is a breeze. You are not going to have to do much other than prop up the walls. Once you get the walls delivered, all it really takes is a few people to assist in the installation of them. Because of this, it is not going to cause any sort of dramatic disruption among your employees and they will be able to work while the walls are being installed. Whereas, if you were dealing with full-blown wall construction, you would likely need to shut down your office for a few days while everything gets installed.

3. Less Of a Clean Up.

Another good thing that you are going to get when you make the decision to invest in a modular setup is the ability to avoid a lengthy and tiresome cleanup process. Because you will be able to simply pop up the walls and not have to worry about drilling or installing anything in a complicated manner, it will enable you to get the walls installed without having to clean anything up.

4. Better Noise Control.

Another good thing that you can get when it comes to installing these partitions is the ability to install them in places where a normal wall wouldn’t work. Because of this, you would be able to effectively integrate an effective noise control barrier which can help you create a much better environment for increased productivity.

5. Better Lighting.

Another good thing that you are going to be able to get with these partitions is the ability to have better natural light for your employees. Because you will be able to divide up the office in sections, if you use a glass barrier instead of a completely solid one, you will be able to improve the overall lighting conditions throughout the office which can improve the lighting conditions in total.

Overall, there are plenty of reasons modular walls have become so popular in Perth. It is simply the better way to go about adding walls to your office due to its cost efficiency and its unique ability to help you optimise the working conditions.

5 Of The Best Australian Genealogy Resources Out there

If you are serious about genealogy, you should have a full deck of resources and tools to help you as your research unfolds and takes shape. If you are a noob or novice, you are probably feeling a little bit overwhelmed with all the work and research involved with genealogy. We’ve compiled our best pick of resources that should help you straight away! Let’s jump right in.

The Villages Genealogical Society

The Villages Genealogical Society has tons to offer professional and beginner genealogists. They have monthly meetings where members can network and connect, and an annual seminar with workshops and Special Interest Groups.

Family Search

Wikipedia has its own wealth of resources and information on genealogy. On Family Search, you will gain instant access to other sites and techniques for doing your own genealogical research.

National Library of Australia

This excellent source has a very substantial amount of records available to the public. The library aims to preserve documentation and any other resources related to the history of Australia and the people who live there. The source even offers you in-depth guides to help you with the task at hand.

State Library Victoria

Another information giant when it comes to genealogy, the State Library Victoria will help you on your way of discovering a story of yesteryear, whether you are a professional genealogist or just a curious newbie.

Cyndi’s List

This source is a source of sources in itself. Go to Cyndi’s List for a complete list of the latest and greatest Australian genealogy sources and tools that can be found on the web today. Cyndi’s List came into being when Cyndi Ingle started compiling a list of resources for her own genealogical society. She immediately saw the need for a source of resources and got to work. This is the most comprehensive list of resources on genealogy you will find!


From Visually.

Did you recognize any of the sources we mentioned? We hope these help you in your endeavors to uncover your family story.

Discovering Our Roots: 5 Fun Facts on Australian History You Probably Didn’t Know

Whether you love history and ancestry or not, us Aussies sure do have an interesting story when it comes to where we came from. In this post, we will share 5 interesting facts of Australian genealogy that you probably didn’t know about. If there is one thing that you can scratch off before we get started, it is probably the fact that the majority of people sent to Australia in the early 1800s were convicts. If you didn’t know that, you should definitely continue reading!

A Bunch of She-Devils

Did you know that at least 20% of convicts sent to Australia were women? Back in the day female convicts and those looking for a job were sent to what was called ‘female factories’ where they slaved their days away.

Respect Thy Veteran

Did you know that the majority of Australians will have an ancestor with ties to the first and second world wars? This is also in relation to other countries.

It’s a Man’s World

Of all the convicts sent to Australia, 85% were males of about 22 years old. This, of course, adds to the interesting statistic of 44% of Australians having a family member with a less than the reputable background and possibly a criminal record.

A Lump of Sugar in your Tea?

Yes, contrary to what the majority of Australians may think, we were predominantly tea drinkers. This was due to the fact that Australia was a British colony, but also because the first coffee beans did not survive the harsh Australian climate. It was only after World War II that coffee really took off in Oz.

Penny for Your Thoughts

Did you know that convicts awaiting their transport day to Australia engraved coins with messages or their names and the date? These tiny tokens were then given to those they left behind as a parting gift.

We hope you found some of these facts interesting and fresh! Do you have any fun facts not featured here? Share them in the comment section below.

Genealogy 101: 5 Handy Tips On Tracing Your Own Genealogy


Ever wonder who your ancestors were? Where and how they lived, or what their occupations were? Are you from a long line of hard laborers or do you have royalty in your veins? These are just a couple of examples of reasons why people are generally eager to find and create an extensive family tree. In this post, we’ll equip you with five handy tips on how to get started!

1. Gather All Your Family Albums

Ask family members for any and all family information they have. Photos and birth/death certificates are usually what helps the most. Other items such as letters or memorabilia will help you fill the gaps when uncovering the secrets and stories of your family.

2. Draw Your Family Tree

Probably the best starting point – simply draw your family tree! Begin with all the family members you know, and work your way up. When you’ve hit a wall, interview family members and make notes of all the missing information that they might have.

3. Write Your Family’s Story

As you do your research, you may find a particular family member with an interesting story you would want to follow-up on. This can be anything from involvement in World War II to maybe a dark story about a convict. It can also be something simple, such as achievements of your gran when she was in high school. Write down all the facts first, then build on your story.

4. Ask Relatives’ Assistance

The chances are great for you to find any material that could build on your research from cousins, siblings, aunts, uncles and family friends. Ask them if they have any documentation or keepsakes – they might just point you in the right direction!

5. Join a Genealogy Group or Society

Always remember, you are never alone in the search of your family’s history. There are loads of societies and support groups out there who might just have information on your family. You can also join and attend classes to get you started and connect with other family historians or genealogists.

If these five tips don’t point you in the right direction, we don’t know what will! All the best on your searches for your family’s story. Keep us updated on your progress in the comment section below.