Children are blessings from God. The moment parents procreate, become productive and successful, a new life is about to come into this world. A life long been expected not only by the couple themselves but also by the whole family. There is no greater joy except for the idea that a new member of the family is about to come and join them in sharing the love for each other. It is the most precious gift that a couple could have from our Dear Creator.

Life will be more colorful and inspiring for the would-be parents, and of course, greater dreams are aspired and hoped. There will be a lot of reasons to strive and persevere, making sure that nothing will be missed or left out for the welfare of the child. As a new chapter on the life of the couple unfolds, a brighter future for the baby also lies straight ahead.

Life will be even more colorful and brighter when the baby’s nursery is decorated with wallpaper, choose some baby room nursery wallpaper. It symbolizes not only love but also happiness and prosperity. It’ll serve as a welcome gift for either a healthy baby boy or a pretty little girl.

A shade of light or baby blue wallpaper

Installing a plain blue color on your baby boy’s nursery will bring out the royalty and masculinity of your little prince. Plain colors are pleasant to the eyes and invite peace of mind for a good night’s sleep.

A taste of baby pink wallpaper

Just as every little girl wants to see in her toys and dresses, a pink wallpaper defines femininity more than love or affection to your little princess. A special color that teaches her of her future role as a good daughter and a vessel of hope for others.

Cartoon character themes for him and her

There will come a time in the life of your baby that he or she becomes a little boy or girl. As they cannot speak yet, they can hear you say or introduce them to cartoon characters that you witnessed when you were of the same age. More often, they’ll attempt to imitate but could do nothing but to create sounds which later are recalled when mimicking or role-playing with fictional characters they see on television.

A fantasy wallpaper

Tickle your baby’s imagination with a wallpaper showing a unicorn drinking water from a  river or a fairy granting three wishes to a lad. Wallpaper designs allow parents to create a beautiful story of their own during bedtime and when the baby’s eyes are heavy, dreamland makes all the story parts real.

A sporty wallpaper

From basketball to badminton and from volleyball to table tennis, sport-themed wallpapers will someday make an outstanding athlete of your babies. While they play ball, reflexes are enhanced and motivation breeds unknowingly; thus, building the interest as early as three years old.

A musical wallpaper

It has been said that singers are not born but are made. Who will they become if instrument players are not around? Musical signs and symbols may take time to absorb, but when mothers sing a lullaby before babies sleep or play music over their cribs, talent will be on the way and mind you the next day, you’ll be astonished at how babies imitate a part of it so nicely.

All animals wallpaper

Introduce your boy or girl to the forest and the wildlife that resides in it. Teach them each one as they point their fingers on it. The next day, give your baby a chance to repeat it with you and don’t get mad if your replies become questions again. Animal wallpapers can be combined with educational or supplemental materials like the alphabet and basic numbers.