Painting a home can greatly improve its aesthetic appeal. Plus a beautifully colored exterior makes your home stand out and look classy. However, in order to make sure that the paint job is top quality, you need to hire a professional house painter in Melbourne.

It should be kept in mind that not any paint job would do the trick. The painter needs to make use of quality products and display expert craftsmanship using the latest painting techniques.

The following are a few things which you should consider when you want to know where to find a house painter in Melbourne:

  • Look around for the best painter available locally. The idea is not to hire the first contractor you come across. You should at least try and shortlist three painters and then make a decision.
  • Make sure you get a written quote from the contractors you have short listed. This would help you make a decision when it comes to budgeting. You might want to use the contractor who would work within the budget that you have in mind.
  • A few other things to consider are to endure that the painter has a license to carry out their job. The years of experience which they have count as experienced painter know all the proper methods of painting a home. They make use of a variety of tools to achieve color effects and textures.
  • Do they offer a warranty on their work? A paint job can last for decades when the right quality paint I used. Get to know whether the painter you hire is willing to offer warranty on their work.

Once you have short listed a contractor, you need to provide the following information to make sure that the painter has a precise idea of what you are looking for:

  • The total square feet occupied by your home. This would come in handy for both interior and exterior paint jobs.
  • All the areas which would require painting. If you are considering getting the shed, backyard and the garage painted, make sure you include that in the list to get a quote.
  • If you want to get your home painted indifferent color schemes, make sure you are specific about each area and its color scheme. This would help avoid confusion.
  • If you are looking for textured painting, make sure you mention that as well. Textured paint can add dimension to an ordinary looking wall and improve the aesthetic quality of the room as a whole.
  • The sidings of the home need to be mentioned as well. The paint would be sued to color the sidings as well. Knowing the material would help the contractor decide the right kind of paint. Whether they are supposed to use color for wooden, vinyl or aluminum siding.
  • Make sure you have a written contract in hand before the work commences, it can help avoid a great deal of confusion later on. Although the job can go up by a few extra dollars but a contract n hand would ensure that things stay within budget.

Keep the above mentioned tips in mind for hiring the right house painter.