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The Genealogical Podcast with an Australian twist
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What will you get from this podcast? By listening to this podcast, you'll save yourself time and money, gather up some handy advice and get some help to make headway in finding out about your own family's interesting past. And one more important thing … rather than just collecting names and dates during your family history research, this podcast will focus on some nifty little techniques that can help you to get to know your ancestors a little better, by reading between the lines of old documents and looking beyond the faces in old photographs. Listen to a one-minute promo about the podcast.

Introduction: Welcome to the Genies Down Under Podcasts
Episode 0 audio


Episode 45: Trove stuff for genies: Delving into the treasures of one of our best Australian family history resources (July 2015)

logoEpisode 45 audio | Shownotes for Episode 45


Episode 46: Magazine stuff for genies: Checking out a few genealogy mags (August 2015)

logo ... Coming up in August 2015

If you would like to be interviewed for a future episode of Genies Down Under, feel free to email Maria at geniesdownunder@gmail.com

Some other upcoming episodes:

  • Funny stuff for genies: Humour in Australian family history (Episode 47, September 2015)
  • Movies stuff for genies: Films with Australian family history themes (Episode 48, October 2015)


Episode 1 - You're a long time dead: Cemetery stuff for Genies (October 2011)
Episode 1 audio | Shownotes for Episode 1

Episode 2 - Free stuff for Genies: It fell off the back of a truck (November 2011)
logoEpisode 2 audio | Shownotes for Episode 2

Episode 3 - Heirloom stuff for genies: Old stuff around the house (December 2011)
logoEpisode 3 audio | Shownotes for Episode 3

Episode 4 - Planning stuff for genies: Getting ready for family history research in 2012 (January 2012)
logoEpisode 4 audio | Shownotes for Episode 4

Episode 5 - Newspaper stuff for genies: Read all about your ancestors (February 2012)
logoEpisode 5 audio | Shownotes for Episode 5

Episode 6 - Graphics stuff for genies: Using images in your family history research (March 2012)
logoEpisode 6 audio | Shownotes for Episode 6

Episode 7 - Place-based stuff for genies: Tracking down your ancestors (April 2012)
logoEpisode 7 audio |
Shownotes for Episode 7

Episode 8 - Blogging stuff for genies: Getting online with your ancestors (May 2012)
logoEpisode 8 audio |
Shownotes for Episode 8

Episode 9 - Context stuff for genies: Getting to know your ancestors (June 2012)
logoEpisode 9 audio | Shownotes for Episode 9

Episode 10 - Coincidence stuff for genies: Tales of genealogy flukes (July 2012)
logoEpisode 10 audio | Shownotes for Episode 10

Episode 11 - Occupation stuff for genies: Working with our ancestors (August 2012)
logoEpisode 11 audio | Shownotes for Episode 11

Episode 12 - Interview stuff for genies: Finding our more about our ancestors (September 2012)
logoEpisode 12 audio | Shownotes for Episode 12

Episode 12: Extra - Interview with Ian Kath, host of Create Your Life Story and Your Story podcasts (September 2012)
logoEpisode 12 - Extra audio | Shownotes for Episode 12

Episode 13 - Convict stuff for genies: Stories of crime, punishment and freedom in our ancestors' lives (Part 1) (October 2012)
logoEpisode 13 audio | Shownotes for Episode 13

Mini-genie 001 - Upcoming episodes of the Genies Down Under podcast (27 October 2012)

logoMini-genie 001 audio | Shownotes for Mini-genie 001

Episode 14 - Convict stuff for genies: Crime, punishment and freedom in our ancestors' lives (Part 2) (November 2012)

logoEpisode 14 audio | Shownotes for Episode 14

Mini-genie 002 - Ideas for searching through the NSW Police Gazettes (22 November 2012)

logoMini-genie 002 audio | Shownotes for Mini-genie 002

Episode 15: Crafty stuff for genies: Family history creations (December 2012)

logoEpisode 15 audio | Shownotes for Episode 15

Episode 16: Offline stuff for genies: Using what's not on the internet for family history (January 2013)

logoEpisode 16 audio | Shownotes for Episode 16

Mini-genie 003 - Ideas for cemetery searching (25 January 2013)

logoMini-genie 003 audio | Shownotes for Mini-genie 003

Episode 17: Naming stuff for genies (Part A): Tips about naming patterns, traditions and stories in family history (February 2013)

logoEpisode 17 audio | Shownotes for Episode 17

Episode 18: Naming stuff for genies (Part B): Tools, tricks and traps about naming patterns, traditions and stories in family history (March 2013)

logoEpisode 18 audio | Shownotes for Episode 18

Episode 19: Techy stuff for genies: Computer and online resources to use with our research (April 2013)

logoEpisode 19 audio | Shownotes for Episode 19

Episode 20: Irish stuff for genies: Connecting with your Irish ancestors (May 2013)

logoEpisode 20 audio | Shownotes for Episode 20

Episode 21: Favourite ancestor stuff for genies: Ancestors who stand out from the crowd (June 2013)

logoEpisode 21 audio | Shownotes for Episode 21

Episode 22: Immigration stuff for genies: Tracking our migrant ancestors (July 2013)

logoEpisode 22 audio | Shownotes for Episode 22

Episode 23: Storage stuff for genies: Paper based, cloud based, computer based (August 2013)

logoEpisode 23 audio | Shownotes for Episode 23

Episode 24: Official record stuff for genies: Publicly available genealogy records (September 2013)

logoEpisode 24 audio | Shownotes for Episode 24

Episode 25: Clothing stuff for genies: Investigating the fashions of our ancestors (October 2013)

logoEpisode 25 audio | Shownotes for Episode 25

Episode 26: Sharing stuff for genies: Spread your research around (November 2013)

logoEpisode 26 audio | Shownotes for Episode 26

Episode 27: Handwriting stuff for genies: Getting to know our ancestors through their written words (December 2013)

logoEpisode 27 audio | Shownotes for Episode 27

Episode 28: Sensitive stuff for genies: Touchy topics in family history (January 2014)

logoEpisode 28 audio | Shownotes for Episode 28

Episode 29: Ancestor homeland stuff: How to plan a visit of a lifetime (February 2014)

logoEpisode 29 audio | Shownotes for Episode 29

Episode 30: Cruisy stuff for genies: Genealogy news from aboard the 4th Unlock the Past History and Genealogy Cruise (Part 1) (March 2014)

logoEpisode 30 audio | Shownotes for Episode 30

Episode 31: Cruisy stuff for genies: Genealogy news from aboard the 4th Unlock the Past History and Genealogy Cruise (Part 2) (April 2014)

logoEpisode 31 audio | Shownotes for Episode 31

Episode 32: When I'm gone stuff: How to be a good ancestor (May 2014)

logoEpisode 32 audio | Shownotes for Episode 32

Episode 33: When I'm gone stuff: Mystery stuff for genies: Unanswered questions left behind by your ancestors (June 2014)

logoEpisode 33 audio | Shownotes for Episode 33

Episode 34: Ancestor voices stuff: Learning about our ancestors through their words (July 2014)

logoEpisode 34 audio | Shownotes for Episode 34

Episode 35: Interviews with genies: Part 1 (August 2014)

logoEpisode 35 audio | Shownotes for Episode 35

Episode 36: Interviews with genies: Part 2 (September 2014)

logoEpisode 36 audio | Shownotes for Episode 36

--- [Sorry, there was no episode for October 2014] ---

Episode 37: Reunion stuff for genies: Family history get-togethers (November 2014)

logoEpisode 37 audio | Shownotes for Episode 37

Episode 38: Christmas stuff for genies: Family history traditions, stories and memories (December 2014)

logoEpisode 38 audio | Shownotes for Episode 38

Episode 39: Mistake stuff for genies: What to avoid to increase the quality of your research (January 2015)

logoEpisode 39 audio | Shownotes for Episode 39

Episode 40: Superstar stuff in family history: Messages from Aussie family history gurus (February 2015)

logoEpisode 40 audio | Shownotes for Episode 40

Episode 41: Maritime stuff in family history: Ancestors at sea (March 2015)

logoEpisode 41 audio | Shownotes for Episode 41

Episode 42: Anzac stuff in family history: 100 year anniversary (April 2015)

logoEpisode 42 audio | Shownotes for Episode 42

Episode 43: DNA stuff in family history: Tracing our roots through genetics (May 2015)

logoEpisode 43 audio | Shownotes for Episode 43

Episode 44: Animal stuff for genies: Non-human members in our family history research (June 2015)

logoEpisode 44 audio | Shownotes for Episode 44


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