We have a standing invite to anyone who would like to contribute to our blog! So whether you are a professional genealogist with handy tips or a reader who has an interesting story to share, we’d love to hear from you! Below you will find information on how our submission process works.

How and What We Write About

Even though genealogy is an academic field, we write in an open and friendly manner that is fun and friendly. The information we cover is easily accessible for anyone with a passion for or interest in genealogy. In general, we write about tools genealogists use, share stories on the history of Australia and her people, and cover a long string of other themes and topics.


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Kindly send a 600-1 000 word article via email to our editor, stipulating your name and ‘’Submission” in the subject line of your email.

Your article must be high quality and proofread before submitting it to us for review.

Please see to it that you have sent your own work, and have not copied another article from another site.

The submission process takes about 1 week. You should have a reply from our offices within two weeks of submission.

Send your submission to info@geniesdownunder.com.au

Remember to keep your article fun and informative!