We are Genies Down Under – the definitive group of genealogists in Oz. Whether you are someone who just wants to trace your genealogy or a professional genealogist who is always on the lookout for great sources of information – this is the place for you to be!

The blog has its humble beginnings when founder Will Ferry started to research out of curiosity in the history of his ancestors. Unknowingly he stumbled upon a world of interesting facts and information that has now become his day job. After all, how can we know where we are going if we have no idea where we came from?

Teaming up with a panel of 6 professional genealogists, Will saw a need for a central location where people who are discovering their roots could find helpful information and network with others who have completed the journey themselves.

We invite you to join us as we uncover and discover the rich and intricate details of Australia’s heritage. We also keep an active log of helpful resources and tools that can get you started on your very own journey straight away! If you are a genealogist and would like to write for us, you are also welcome to do so! The more, the merrier! Keep up to date with all our latest findings and interesting facts by following our blog.