According to collected data it is seen that about 49% of home fires are caused due to electrical malfunctioning. Out of all the incidences most of these would have been preventable if the home owner had practiced electrical safety at home.

However, in order to make sure your home is safe from any sort of electrical hazard, the electricians in north Brisbane have devised a list. You can start with all of the following to ensure complete safety of your loved ones.

  • Make sure your cords and plugs are repaired. Any broken or frayed wiring should be immediately replaced. These are a livewire for catching a current.
  • Refrain from using extension cords under carpeting. Often enough this can cause the extension to warm up and result in an electrical hazard. Even if you have made use of an extension cord, it’s only a temporary measure. Instead go for permanent wiring by calling in the services of electricians in north Brisbane.
  • Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s advice every time you make use of a new electrical appliance. Ensure that the wattage in your home complements the wattage of the electrical appliance.
  • Do not make the mistake of overloading an outlet with many high wattage devices.
  • The plugs should fit properly into the sockets. Avoid bashing the plug in and also be wary of a plug which appears loose.
  • Bigger appliances like air conditioning units, washing machines and microwaves should be plugged directly into the wall sockets.
  • For the basement only make use of water resistant extensions.
  • Use energy efficient light bulbs or bulbs which use low wattage to light up. This can also reduce the utility bills. Avoid placing the lamps near a heat source.
  • All heat producing appliances should be placed away from flammable material.
  • Always unplug the hair dryer when not in use. Avoid using the hair dryer in the bathroom. It may get wet and result in an electrical shock.
  • Exhaust fans should be kept free of lint and other flammable debris especially exhausts in the kitchen.

Taking extra precaution

For those with small children in the house, taking extra precaution can make their home hazard safe to a great extent.

  • You can have a detailed talk with electricians in north Brisbane by asking them about tamper resistant electrical receptacles. Just make sure you call in the service of a licensed electricians. This is something which should only be practiced by professionals.
  • Install circuit interrupters which can break off the circuit in case of any dangerous situation. For example if an appliance heats up to fast the circuit breaks off immediately preventing a bigger disaster.
  • Also be more vigilant. If you feel even a slight bit of shock on touching a plug, make sure you either keep it switched off or immediately have it replaced.

All the above mentioned are simple tips form licensed electricians. Ensuring that you follow these tips, you can make sure your home is safe from electrical fires.

Do all electricians travel to North Brisbane?They definitely do, and they would be delighted to service your home or business and help in make it electrically safe and energy efficient.