When it comes to buying a home, most people in Australia and Western Australia, are accustomed to having sprawling homes on large spaces of land. However, block sizes have been shrinking significantly in the last few years, especially in areas like Busselton, Bunbury, Perth and the South West. As a result of these shrinking lots, many builders such as Ben Trager Homes are looking to make up for it by building two storey homes, particularly in Perth in order to compensate.

The current cost of land in Perth is significantly high and only getting higher as time goes by. Also, the demand for that land in Perth is much higher than the demand for land in any other area of Australia. According to the data received from the HIA, in 2014, the price of land shot up from approximately $200 per square metre to over $600 per square metre. As a result, Perth has the most expensive land in the entire of Australia, with Sydney coming in at second with $572 per square metre.

One of the solutions that was considered was to build smaller and more compact homes on the smaller lots of land. However, the majority of people who live in Western Australia, have no desire to give up their quality of life and living when it comes to buying a new home. The majority want to have a beautiful home that has a unique and well designed outdoor space to enjoy the amazing weather and days filled with sunshine.

As a result, the two storey homes were designed in contemporary and Mediterranean style to make full use of the limited land space while also creating a beautiful home that Western Australians would love. The majority of these two storey homes are built to look spacious and luxurious with a high emphasis placed on design. The homes were built in Mediterranean styles, particularly duplicating the feel of homes from Spain, Italy, France and Greece. The designers really try to push the edge of what is possible and they are always try to create modern design that is in line with emerging trends. They especially like to incorporate themes such as private gardens, luxury bathrooms, modern kitchens etc.

One of the elements they pay particular attention to is how the entire family would live in the home. Designers even pay attention to where children may run into and out of the home as well as finer details such as the best cupboard placement, the privacy of the master suite etc. They don’t think of the home as being a box with all of the necessary rooms but a home where everything instinctively feels right. The design teams are always thinking about how modern families work as well as the changing lifestyles that would affect the design of the home.

In closing, the designers of the homes in Perth Australia are truly doing a fantastic job of dealing with the smaller lot sizes by creating two storey homes that ooze elegance, beauty, style and a wonderful family life. So, be sure to check them out for yourself, especially if you’re considering buying a home in Perth.