Timber wooden fences give a unique style element to any home while also giving some safety and security to the residents. The unique style is perfect for homes living in more rural areas that are surrounded by greenery and animals. This style of timber fence railings allows for the style and the tone of the home to be set to one that is both homely and vintage.


The wood used for timber fence railings can vary but are typically a shade of deep red, light creme, and a yellow-brown. While a timber fence can be created with an opening, many designs and colours that can be implemented when installing the fence. Rather than installing a metal silver fence that may rust over time, installing a timber fence has more room for versatility and customisation.


Why choose timber fence rails over metal fences?


Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to fences and railings surrounding their home or property. While you prefer to order timber fence rails over metal fences for various reasons. Some people enjoy having a design in their home that allows for a more homely feel. Other people prefer timber fence rails surrounding their property to ensure that their children are safe. Whatever the reason for choosing timber fence rails over metal fences, they are valid!

Safe for children


If your home has children, the timber fence rails are much safer than the metal fence railings. Although there may be openings in between the wooden fence placed strategically, the openings are rather large so it is unlikely that children could get stuck or harmed, unlike metal fences. Since designs do vary with timber fence rails, one timber fence railing could be completely built up with wood to ensure that there are no openings. This way, children cannot poke and prod their way through openings and potentially harm themselves.


Children are hard to watch sometimes. They are notoriously known for climbing and running away with bursts of energy. Metal fences typically have patterns with openings spread throughout the fence or gate that can be large enough to fit a child’s hand and potentially have it stuck. Metal can also prod out and harm children if they accidentally get too close.


The design is timeless


Not only is this safer for children, but timber fence rails give a home or property personality. When timber fence or wooden fences are mentioned typically you imagine a country home away from the bustling and noisy city. Usually, there is a warm feeling and mood set when thinking about timber fence railings surrounding a lovely home. Timber fence rails have been around for centuries before metal fences were created. These fences are safe, timeless, and invoke a lovely image and tone to any home. Even after many years these timeless and lovely timber fence railings are being used and adored today.


Not only is the design great for setting a tone and mood but it is also an amazing art form! Instead of choosing a mass-produced metal gate or fence, choose a timber fence railing. This timber fence railing is an art form because it needs to be cut a particular way using the right trees! Individuals who have worked hard in the timber fence industry sculpt and format the fence railings carefully usually offering customisations that may not be offered with metal railings that are mass-produced.